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LIBERTY COMPUTERS is a major foreign owned player in the POS and retail market place in Thailand, and we can bring our expertise to help maximize profits and customer service within YOUR business. With well over 100 POS clients and several thousand other clients benefiting from our expertise throughout Thailand, you can rely on us to deliver a cost effective and efficient solution for your business.

Pose Tive

If you are considering a POS system, we are sure you are asking yourself many questions as to ‘why do I need one’ and ‘what benefit will I get?’

Take a little time to read the following and hopefully most of your questions will be answered.


Why a POS system?

An automated order processing and stock control system will give you:

  • Better overall control
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency
  • Stock savings
  • Staff monitoring
Who are Liberty Computers?

Liberty Computers Pattaya is a long established Pattaya based IT company, which was reborn at the beginning of 2004 when it was acquired by its current owners who have over 30 years IT experience. Modern practices and a ‘complete solutions’ approach with western standards has been introduced and the company goes from strength to strength, providing IT support and solutions for many clients in the Chonburi area.

Installation and support will be provided directly by our experienced team who have already installed over 350 licences throughout Thailand, from Isan down to Phuket and overseas.

How much will it cost to install?

Software only solutions start from B25,000 with no annual fee, although the final cost is dependent upon how sophisticated a solution that you require. For example, a solution comprising of a PC, special printer, and touch screen terminal would be from around B55,000 including installation and training. We even have clients in Hong Kong and Africa!

Why buy a POS system for your restaurant/bar?

You can certainly think of many ways a computerized point-of-sale system will help you and your restaurant become more profitable. Here are a just few to consider:

Speed of Service

A POS makes everything happen faster and turning tables is what its all about. As soon as a waiter places an order it is automatically routed to the proper station and preparation can begin immediately and with wireless systems, the order can be sent to the kitchen immediately while the waiter is still on the floor with the customers. The customer gets served in much less time and waiters can spend more time with your customers. Time is money.

Accuracy of Orders

When the waiter places an order it is transmitted to the kitchen or bar and printed on a legible paper tape that is easy for beverage and food prep personnel to read, defining each item with modifiers in bold red print. No more hard to read handwriting or cryptic shorthand; no more forgotten modifiers (causing give away items or unhappy customers); no more angry chefs who can't read an order. The order chit includes the waiter's name and the time of order too.

Security of Cash Handling

A good POS system will never be out of balance. Food and beverage items should not be prepared unless it is on the kitchen check. Once it is on the check, the waiter is responsible for collecting those items. "Waiter banking" is a method of controlling cash so that the waiter is responsible for his or her own sales.

Discount Control

Promotions, complimentary items, and employee meals can all be handled with absolute accuracy, and placed under manager control.

Ease of Training

In the restaurant business, employee turnover is higher than in any other industry, and training new employees can be an on-going problem. A quality POS system with icons and product logos can assist in training new employees into experienced operators in as little as 10-20 minutes. If they can read, and point at the appropriate item on the screen, they can run the system. You can even have a picture of the food or drink on the button.

Theft Reduction

Probably the biggest problem facing restaurants today is employee theft. Controlling this problem can significantly add to the restaurant's bottom line. According to Nation's Restaurant News, " Up to 30% of all restaurants fail because of employee theft". It also states "almost one out of every two employees will steal from their employer if given the chance". A POS enforces inventory controls to put money back in your pocket where it belongs.

Waiter Control

Which of your waiters is making the most money and profit for you? With your current system, do you have any way of tracking the $$? Not just as sales figures, but to assess who sells the most profitable items….who is selling the most desserts …..the most appetizers? Who in your restaurant should be rewarded? With certain systems, this information can be generated in a very short period of time.

Increased Sales

How can POS increase your sales? By rewarding waiters for good performance! A simple sales contest can increase sales over 200% on popular items or groups of items. Tracking the contest is easy and automatic with quality software. One of our customers reports a 400% increase in dessert sales when a contest is run. With a great POS system, turning your waiters into salespeople is easy.

Custom Reporting

A good POS system's reports can always offer you some form of customization to ensure that you generate the type of information that is particularly useful to the decision-making process of your establishment.

Menu Item Performance

What items on your menu are the most profitable, the biggest sellers? What is your daily profit by individual item? How much of an item are you selling in relationship to the main category, i.e., how much of your meat sales are in the form of steak in units, baht and percentages?

Food and Beverage Usage

How many shots of Johnny Walker Black did I sell last week? Last Month? Last Year? How many 8 oz. Filet Mignon? How many did we buy? How many are left in the cooler?

Payment Reporting

Analyze your sales by payment method including credit/debit cards, credit accounts, VIP accounts and even owners account!

Prevents the following problems and more:

  • Wrong addition on guest checks 
  • Incorrect items being ordered
  •  Confusion in the kitchen
  •  theft of money, food and/or liquor
  •  Inaccurate employee time keeping
  •  Ordering food or liquor without putting it on a guest check
  •  Not knowing sales breakdown 
  • Wasted time walking to kitchen and bar to place orders
  •  Shrinkage - Use countdown on item buttons to track detail items.


  • Customer service
  • Speed of order taking
  • Speed of ‘to table’ delivery time
  • Stock control
  • Staff control

But I have a specialist entertainment business?

Our solutions are tailor made to provide the additional functions and features that you need when running an entertainment venue here in Thailand.

Pay back time.
Most of our systems pay for themselves within the 4 to 9 month time frame.

How do I find out more information?

Call Steve on 038 360 400 for a no obligation discussion and demonstration of a solution tailored to your budget and requirements, or email


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